Software Services

Software enables computer hardware to do things.

There are gains to be made by ensuring your computers fit like a glove. We offer a range of software options ranging from open source to commercial and bespoke custom apps.

Data Entry and PC Hardware images by Caniluna

Commercial Software

When you need to buy shrinkwrapped software, don't pay shelf prices for it.  Let us find you the best price for 100's of common software packages.  We can maximise your savings by buying software and user licenses for you at the optimal daily rate.

Free Software

You can significantly reduce software expenses by using 'Free Software'. Caniluna is an associate member of the Free Software Foundation.  Let us show you genuine alternative apps that will save you money. Read our blog for more info.

Middleware and Custom Interfaces

Custom software gives you options 'shrinkwrap' products alone cannot provide and helps to optimse your workflow. Systems which don't talk to each other are a detriment to workflow.  'Middleware' interfaces can be used to bridge the barriers between your information 'silos'.  The accuracy and efficiency of your data entry can be optimised by applying a customised front-end.  With custom software development, data can be filtered and checked as it is entered into the system in way that suits your workflow.

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