Why WWW?

When the internet emerged from being a defence project and became public property during the early '90s, it was pretty complicated to use.

If you wanted to find a site you needed to know the exact URL (Universal Resource Locator)

For example: http://www.caniluna.com

Today, we have search engines, bookmarks and shortcuts to assist us locate content. Browser software and personal electronics have evolved, along with domain management protocols.

Making your website easy to find includes having a simple method of access.
If customers can't just type in "caniluna.com" ...then you are missing out.

Even worse, if your domain name isn't setup correctly, customers who omit 'www.' can receive a 'not found' error. Errors like that undermine confidence in your business.

Check with your domain administrator and make sure that either the 'www.' prefix, or the naked domain name, will lead customers to your website.

It's a simple configuration detail that can make a big difference to clients finding you online!

The flow-on benefit of not requiring the 'www.' prefix means you can simplify or enlarge your web address on business cards, posters and banners.

As always, we are here to help.