Surfing in Style

New Years Resolutions are terrible things. Most people set themselves up to fail with unrealistic aims. It doesn't have to be that hard.

Simply improving your internet safety and experience could make this a much better year than it otherwise could be.

There are three simple changes you can make to quickly improve your survival chances on the 'interweb'.

Firefox Logo

1: Install Firefox as your default web browser. With the interweb becoming more focussed on secured and encrypted connections, you'll find Firefox performance beats the conventional products. Even it's install program is a fraction the size of other mainstream fatware.

HTTPS Everywhere logo

2: On top of that, visit and install HTTPS everywhere. This add-on works hard to keep your internet sessions out of plain view and also checks digital certificates.(Not all websites are really who they say they are)

There are three typical risks to privacy and identity theft. One is someone who has access to your device, another is someone who can tap your internet connection and another is someone pretending to be the person you think you are really talking to. HTTPS EveryWhere goes a long way to protect your online session.

DuckDuckGo logo

3: To finish ... make DuckDuckGo your default search engine in Firefox. Visit, or select it from the list of search providers in the Firefox browser. DDG won't track your movements but even more importantly, it won't trap you in a thought 'bubble' (aka closed mind). Common search engines filter results to show answers they think you will agree with.

This easy strategy won't detract from your web experience or surfing capabilities but it does get you away from many of the usual culprits. Be aware that not all the nasties on the internet want to harm you or your computer up front. They are quite happy to go unnoticed as they steal your identity or track your movements.

Try these three easy steps first and if you want to protect yourself further, contact Caniluna.