Don't Make Business Personal on Facebook

Today, for many businesses, having a presence on Facebook is essential. The most common mistake when putting a business on Facebook is to make it a 'person'. Another classic error is when the boss uses their own Facebook page for the business.

Facebook provides a range of page types to suit businesses, restaurants, musicians, brands, causes and celebrities. The settings and functions are customised to suit those kinds of operation. A personal page shouldn't be used for business purposes.

The main reasons are:

  1. People have 'friends', businesses get 'likes'. Your business won't get 'likes' if it uses a personal page.
  2. There is a limit on how many people can be a friend. If your business or brand generates a crowd, its personal page will hit the limit and become unavailable to new followers.
  3. Business pages provide the owner with insights into who is looking at the page, what attracts their interest and other demographic information. Personal pages don't provide this marketing insight.
  4. 'Friends' surrender a great deal of personal information about themselves, family and social network. For that reason, many people will deliberately choose not to become a 'friend' of your business. They may have been happy to 'like' it but not 'friend' it.

To give your business the best chance on social media, get it a Facebook page of the right category. While it's true that Facebook advertising costs money, Facebook business pages do not.

Get the right page type from the start. It will give your enterprise the best social media experience and save you hassles online. As always, Caniluna is here to help.