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"If you don't benefit from working with us, I'll be more disappointed than you"
Stuart Greig

Caniluna was created in 2009 to provide affordable, quality and locally-based IT services.
Our on-site support and consultant service is available across the NW and West Coast.

Managing Director, Stuart Greig, has over 28 years information technology experience and is a board member of Electronic Frontiers Australia.

We don't just do I.T,  we develop an understanding of your needs and requirements.

  • Our speciality is matching your requirements with optimal systems and services.
  • Our belief is that technology should contribute to your business as much as your team.
  • Our aim is to finish the job for you without unnecessary expense.

We offer

  • Affordable rates
  • Extended discounts for non-profit and community groups
  • No-obligation free quotes

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